Anabolic Steroids

Anabolic steroids are a great mystery among bodybuilders and other stake holders in the fitness industry. This is because even though they are accompanied by dire side effects there advantages are also very great. Steroids have been able to help a lot of patients who are suffering from cancer and the once dreaded AIDS disease. Patience who suffer from these two ailments will normally experience a depletion of there muscle tissues. Steroids have been quite useful in counteracting the effect of muscle depletion by increasing them. This has helped people who are suffering from this disease to live even longer. Also for those people who are asthmatic steroids have really come in handy in managing there condition.

Anabolic steroids came to the limelight when a lot of bodybuilders and athletes started using them. For bodybuilders steroids was able to make them gain mass within a very short period. Body builders who were on steroids experienced a tremendous bust of energy when they use them. They could for example train even more intensely when they were in the gym, and this in the process would make them achieve more muscle gain than other bodybuilders who were none users.

Athletes who were users also experienced an improvement in their  performance. This is because steroids heighten the body's energy level and therefore a person is able to endure even more. This is the reason why many sports have band its use among participants because it gives some athletes an unfair advantage.

Although steroids enhance an athlete's performance in the long run the person becomes so dependant on the drug that he becomes unable to function without it. This is known as dependency syndrome and it is quite common among athletes and bodybuilders who are on steroids.

Although these steroids come with several advantages a person ends up paying a very high price in due to its effects on health. There are several side effects associated with taking steroids, some of these effects are reversible but some of them are irreversible. Bodybuilders and athletes who manage to quit early in their career might escape scot free and not suffer from these side effects. This is because most of these side effects are not present in the short term however as you continue using them, they start manifesting themselves in the long run.

These side effects are not gender sensitive and will affect both females and males at the same time. Women who use steroids normally become very aggressive. This is because steroids lead to hormonal imbalance in the body. In fact most of them end up living alone because they become unable to live with anyone. Another side effect is the enlargement of the clitoris. Although this heightens their sexual pleasure, their sexual drive runs overboard. Pleasing such a woman becomes very difficult. Other minor side effects include the growth of facial hair, development of male characteristics leading to lose of femininity.

Males in turn experience a decrease in their libido, a decrease in size of their testicles and sometimes they even become impotent in the long run.

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