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Brand Omnitrope® Pen 5
Manufacturer Sandoz
Application Empty Injector Pen
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An injector pen is a product designed to inject growth hormone, insulin. Main characteristics:

  • Compact dimensions: length - up to 15 cm, which makes it possible to store the product in a first-aid kit, car glove compartment, in a bag, facilitates transportation of the injector and its daily use.
  • Allowable cartridge volume: 1.5 ml. This is the maximum dosage of growth hormone, which makes it possible, even if there are indications for the simultaneous administration of such an amount of active substance, not to recharge the cartridge, but to do the procedure in one injection.
  • Color: light blue, blue. Inconspicuous, calm. Does not cause fear, especially during the procedure in babies

Design features of the injector handle

The volume of the injected drug is controlled by rotating the adjusting wheel. There are clicks after each turn. The numbers indicate the volume of the infused solution. This allows you to accurately select the dosage, following the doctor's recommendations.

The procedure for installing the cartridge, needle and adjusting the injector pen takes no more than 15 seconds. Injections can be done immediately, which significantly speeds up the preparation and administration of growth hormone. The handle provides virtually painless drug administration.

The elements of the injector in contact with the skin are closed with a cap, which guarantees the hygiene of the subsequent procedures.

There is also a button on the cap that must be pressed when preparing the needle for injection. Once you have injected the solution, do not release the button for another 5 seconds. So the entire volume of the prepared growth hormone will enter under the skin and will not remain in the cartridge. Then the needle is removed, the device is closed.

The product can be used for no more than 24 months. The marking is affixed to the injector body. It cannot be applied after the indicated date. During the shelf life, use of the product is possible only if it has been stored in a cool place, away from direct sunlight.

The Omnitrope Pen 10 is produced by SANDOZ in the USA. Has safety and quality certificates. Officially approved for sale in Russia and the CIS countries.


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