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Manufacturer: Alpha Pharma Substance: Trenbolone enanthate Pack: 10ml vial (250mg/ml). It is a 19-Nortestosterone (19-nor) anabolic
androgenic steroid.



Trenbolone enanthate, known by the nickname Trenabol, is a synthetic and injected anabolic–androgenic steroid (AAS).
The drug significantly accelerates the recovery after training, thus, the athlete can do less breaks and train more often, thanks to this progress in muscle growth will significantly accelerate.
Powerlifters and weightlifters use the drug to quickly increase strength, increase aggression, this effect is especially useful in training, when you need to lift a huge weight, this way will greatly enhance the productivity of training.
Powerlifters very often use trenbolone enanthate for strength to quickly increase strength and compensate for the loss of fat tissue, by increasing muscle, this effect will allow you to stay in the current weight category, while setting new records.

The drug is able to increase the level of insulin-like growth factor in a whole two times, due to this nutrients will be better absorbed, go for the restoration and construction of muscle fibers.
Burning fat with the use of the drug is much faster, it allows you to burn fat by burning more effectively, by accelerating metabolism and increasing intensity in training.

Trenbolone enanthate reviews

– Nothing more powerful than this drug, I have not tried, although it was already about eight courses, the set of mass from it is really very fast, after training, there is no fatigue at all, restores perfectly.

– After six weeks of the course with the use of this drug, I managed to increase the results in bench press at times, by as much as thirty kilograms, the result was very pleased.

– With the help of the drug after eight weeks of the course, I managed to gain eight kilograms of quality muscle mass, the strength in each training was a huge amount, rocked for three hours in training.

– The drug is clearly working, muscle mass and strength indicators are growing very well, I do not feel fatigue at all, the libido also increased, in a word I feel like a super-man


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