TB-500 (50mg)

buy TB-500 online
buy TB-500 online
TB-500 (50mg)


TB-500 (10 x 5mg) is the part of thymosin beta-4 hormone which promotes the most useful effects (overall healing, repair, new blood and muscle cells).



TB-500 is a synthetic fraction of the protein thymosin beta-4, which is present in virtually all human and animal cells. Thymosin beta-4 is naturally produced in higher concentration where tissue has been damaged.

Thymosin Beta-4 is a protein which consists of 43 amino acids and is encoded by the gene TMSB4X in the human body.

TB-500 is the part of thymosin beta-4 hormone which promotes the most useful effects (overall healing, repair, new blood and muscle cells).

One of TB-500 key mechanisms of action is its ability to regulate the cell-building protein - Actin. Of the thousands of proteins present within human cells, actin represents roughly 10% of the total. It is thus a vital component of cell structure and movement.

Uses of TB-500

1- The main purpose of this peptide is to promote healing.
2- It also promotes creation of new blood and muscle cells. The healing effects of TB-500 have been observed in tendons, ligaments, muscle, skin, heart, and the eyes.
3- This peptide is also a very potent anti-inflammatory agent.                                                      4- If used after a heart attack it can reactivate cardiac progenitor cells to repair damaged heart tissue.

TB-500 is different from other repair factors (growth hormone, IGF-1), because it promotes endothelial and keratinocyte migration. It also does not bind to the extracellular matrix and has a very low molecular weight. Because of this it can travel long distances through the tissues in the human body.

Type of water to be used with TB-500:

Plain sterile water is the most suitable diluent for TB-500. Alternatively it can be reconstituted with sterile saline (0.9% NaCl) or sterile bacteriostatic water (0.9% sodium chloride). Plain sterile water should be readily available to buy without prescription in any local pharmacy. Alternatively it can also be purchased online. It is even available on ebay.


The insulin type syringe with 100 markings on the side should be used. They are readily available in any local pharmacy store.

Desirable Useful effects of TB-500:
  • Differentiation of endothelial cells (blood and lymphatic vessels)
  • Growth of new blood cells
  • Keratinocyte migration
  • Collagen deposition
  • Decreases inflammation in various tissue types
  • Decreased inflamation in joints
  • Increase muscle growth
  • Increases in endurance and strength
  • Relaxed muscle spasm and improved muscle tone
  • Repair damaged heart tissue following a heart attack
  • Healing of ulcers and lesions (including stomach and intestinal ulcers)
  • Increased exchange of substance between cells
  • Overall tissue repair
  • Faster healing of wounds
  • Repair of tendons and ligaments
  • Improved flexibility of joints
  • Prevents the formations of adhesions and fibrous bands in muscles, tendons and ligaments
  • Promotes hair growth
  • Protects and restores neurons after brain injury


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