Metilver Vermodje

Metilver Vermodje


Manufacturer: Vermodje Substance: Methyltestosterone. Pack: 100 tabs (25mg/tab). Increases level of aggression. Athlete can carry out more workouts.



Metilver Vermodje is a powerful drug that is in high demand among sportsmen - siloviki (powerlifters, weightlifters). The product is a synthetic testosterone, manufactured in the form of tablets, effectively increases power, aggressiveness, gives the energy needed in sports, has a number of other useful properties.

The main properties of Metilver

– increases aggression

– strengthens the motivational impetus and confidence

– a sharp burst of strength

– Increases endurance

– One of the favorite drugs siloviki, lifters and fighters in the period predsorevnovatelny

The half-life – 6-9 hours

Optimum dosage – 40-50 mg per day

Course duration – 6-8 weeks

Methyltestosterone combined well on course with testosterone , trenbolone , Sustanon and solo. Posle  receiving  methyltestosterone  Vermodzhe be sure to take a course of FCT .

Reviews about Metilver

Athletes do not recommend using a steroid for muscle mass gain. Reviews about Metilver talk about the advisability of taking the drug to accelerate recovery (including the regeneration of the nervous system). Also, the steroid is effective for increasing aggression.

Reviews of Methylver indicate that the drug has pronounced side effects. Gynecomastia and increased blood pressure often occur. Bodybuilders practically do not use this steroid, because there are more effective and safe AAS.

Side effects of Vermodje Metilver 100 tabs

Unfortunately, Methyltestosterone can transform into estrogen within the human body. Therefore, it can provide such widely known undesired effects as water retention and gynecomastia. To avoid these negative effects, some sportsmen add Tamoxifen or Anastrozole to their cycle. They take Methyltestosterone during several weeks and then combine it with Anastrozole.
In general, bodybuilders report almost no side effects during a course of taking this drug at low dosages. However, some negative reactions may appear if Methyltestosterone is used for a long time. All side effects are reversible though and disappear after cancelling the drug, except for female virilization, which is not always reversible. Metilver can cause typical side effects, which are characteristic to any kind of anabolic steroids. Sometimes, sportsmen may feel such undesired effects as:
- swelling;
- gynecomastia;
- acne, oily skin;
- nausea, vomiting;
- problems with libido;
- abdominal cramps, diarrhea;
- depression, insomnia;
- hair loss;
- headaches.


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