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Genheal Hgh Recombinant Human Growth Hormone.
4.0mg (10IU) / vial + 1 Free solvent solution and needles.
Minimum Order Quantity = 100IU

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GENHEAL HGH is a somatropin hgh derivative for injection manufactured using Protein Secretion Technology.  It is one of the best rHGH products on the market today.

Content in the box of Genheal Hgh

- 4mg (10IU) vial/x 1
- 1 Free solvent solution
- 1 needle.

Uses Of Genheal HGH - Somatropin

- Increases muscle mass and bone growth;
- Regenerates major organs;
- Removes wrinkles and achieves younger, tighter, thicker skin;
- keeps hair re-growth;
- Reduces body fat;
- Enhances human sexual performance; achieves higher energy levels and increased
exercise performance.

Genheal is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the following indications:
• Growth hormone deficiency in children with long-term treatment
• Treatment of metabolic diseases and AIDS-related wasting
• Prader –Willi syndrome caused by long-term treatment of children with growth deficiencies
• Continued after birth, intrauterine growth retardation short stature
• Adults with growth hormone deficiency (GHD)
• Long-term treatment of patients with Turner syndrome
• Idiopathic short stature
• Short bowel syndrome
• Pediatric renal transplantation before renal failure related to lack of growth
• SHOX gene deficiency

1 review for GENHEAL HGH

  1. Susan

    I Have been on this for 2 Months already and the results are overwhelming. My energy level increased within 3 weeks . Can’t wait to order more.

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