HGH Effects on Bodybuilding:

Enhancing Muscle and Tone

Growth Hormone (HGH) treatments alter body composition by replacing fat cells with lean body mass. Although actual weight loss is rarely achieved since muscle weighs more than fat, those who use HGH will invariably adopt a fitter, slimmer appearance - even if they lead relatively inactive lifestyles. Of course, when HGH treatments are coupled with aerobic exercise and resistance weight training, fitness aficionados and bodybuilders in particular are presented with exponential results.

Here’s how it works: by the age of, say, thirty years, the body begins to produce significantly less growth hormone and the number of muscle cells will have reached a genetically predetermined count. Physical exercise at that age will only serve to increase the size of those existing muscle cells unless one has a mind to seek HGH therapy. Additional doses of HGH will stimulate the pituitary gland and actually trigger the growth of brand new muscle cells, finally allowing you to achieve your ideal muscle mass.

Supplemental doses of HGH

Furthermore, when you take supplemental doses of HGH your bone density and lung capacity increases, joints and ligaments become stronger, and tissue damage heals more rapidly so it won’t take your body so long to recover from muscle strain between visits to the gym. All these things give bodybuilders a definite advantage in the gym and truly maximize the benefits of weight training. Keep on pumping!

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