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Signs that You Have Low GH (Growth Hormone)

Increased Body Fat When growth hormone is secreted, the liver converts it to growth factors, including insulin-like growth factor 1 (a.k.a. IGF-1). This is crucial because IGF-1 metabolizes fat, thus helping you melt body fat. But when you stop getting GH secretions regularly, your body will have lower IGF-1. This, in turn, hurts your body’s…
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HGH Effects on Bodybuilding:

Enhancing Muscle and Tone Growth Hormone (HGH) treatments alter body composition by replacing fat cells with lean body mass. Although actual weight loss is rarely achieved since muscle weighs more than fat, those who use HGH will invariably adopt a fitter, slimmer appearance - even if they lead relatively inactive lifestyles. Of course, when HGH…
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HGH Injections

Amazing Things HGH Injections Can Do for the Body! HGH injections are helping more people every day. Everyone yearns to look more youthful and be more energetic. However, sometimes you may not have control over your body since the growth and development of various body structures is dependent on the Human Growth Hormone (HGH). Many…
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